Eat Your Regular Foods



At C.E.T. Products, we teach you very simple ways to loose weight, eating your regular foods. With our program we don't deprive you of food. We simply ask that you eat red meats and sweets only once or twice a week but on "cheat" day, you get to eat whatever you desire. Each week you will get to choose your very own cheat day where you can eat whatever you want. Please allow yourself to cheat on “cheat” day. Many users on our program, in their quest to lose more weight faster, skip their “cheat” day and just continue dieting. This is a mistake. Take advantage of your “cheat” day. The number one reason most people aren't successful at loosing weight is because they start missing certain foods. The good news is that with C.E.T., you don’t have to sacrifice them in order to lose weight.  So, eat what you want on your “cheat” day but don’t binge. Just enjoy what you like but continue to allow 4-5 hours after your last meal before taking our Night Formula and retiring for bed.